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A Tempo Percussion is the largest and most important Cajon (Drum Box) manufacturing company in Peru, the Cajon being an instrument of Peruvian origin.

Created in 1999, you will find a variety of musical instruments: Cajon, Bongo, Congas, Claves, Cajita, Conga-Cajon, Bongo-Cajon, Batajon handmade with care and dedication, each instrument is a piece in itself unique art.

Made in Peru and delivered to your home! All A Tempo Percussion brand instruments include a free gig bag!


For the very first time in North America, authenthic flamenco cajons directly from Spain. We are the only ones selling it across America.

The Handcrafted ABueno Drumbox is handmade in Spain and certified by "Andalucia, Artisanal Quality" (Spain)

ABueno Percussion, "the Artesano Flamenco Cajon Center", is a company dedicated to the creation of Flamenco Cajons, where you will find everything from a beginner's cajon to the most sophisticated and elegant of professional cajons. 

This is not a regular brand, ABueno offers the greatest variety of sounds and pulsations in cajons made with innovativation, creativity, and carefulness of the smallest the most important thing is QUALITY.

Creators of the only OUTDOOR tuning system located on the same touch cover and that works with a single finger. We have a system that controls the FREQUENCY, VOLUME AND TONE of the cajon with a simple gesture. In short, we are... #ArteSanosDeSueños"


Percusion Real or PR is a Peruvian brand of musical instruments made mainly of wood, recognized in its country of origin for the sound quality of its instruments. The master luthier, Pedro Rodriguez, accumulates more than 30 years of experience in the creation of Peruvian cajons, several Peruvian musicians of great reputation use PR brand cajons for his musical creations.


Contemporânea is a realized dream, a traditional company of high quality Brazilian percussion musical instruments whose reputation is well established all around the planet.

Each instrument is the result of innovation and constant research: Our participation in the evolution of Brazilian percussion instruments after the origin of samba in São Paulo.

We are still discovering the cultural and musical richness of certain Brazilian states, transforming artisanal instruments, making musicians products accessible to the world. In exporting our products, we know the products and products of our new fashions, thinkers and use our instruments. 

We believe that resilient percussion is a life-changing piece, and we want to continue to be present for generations, making musical instruments, to help us create a better world and society for all.


Made by artisans from Latin America, these instruments are entirely handmade.

These instruments are made from natural raw materials such as squash or calabash, bamboo, cactus, etc.

Our artisan partners have several years of experience in the creation of these instruments and several of them have inherited this know-how from older generations.