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Dimension: 11CM X 34CM X 28CM
Origin: SPAIN
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The Batukajón ABueno is a versatile instrument, ideal for playing standing, as it has a padded strap that adjusts to the waist, so you can use it in batukadas, pilgrimages, walking, dancing... a fun portable cajon with the you can enjoy and travel.

The BatuKajón is a fun instrument to play and very versatile, which you can use on a table or flat surface, or attach it to your waist using a padded and adjustable strap, so you can play it the way you like best.

It is made of BIRCH wood, both the body and the top, being 2.5mm thick and with 5 layers of wood, offering great compression as well as very good sensitivity.

The body is the natural color of Birch, and the lid is stamped with a very Andalusian design, where if you look closely, it is divided into different zones and colors, which is where you can find the high or low sounds. This detail of colors is ideal for educational use, since with this information it can help to better interpret the sounds and thus use it to begin percussion in educational centers.