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Dimension: 450 × 10 × 10 cm
Origin: Canada
Quantity: 2

All the Dreamcatchers are some of the most unique modern brush designs to reach drummers today. Wire drum brushes were first invented in 1913. After 100 years of very little changes to the concept of wire brushes, we and redesigned and revolutionized the entire concept.

Dreamcatchers REM incorporate two adjustable nylon hoops and a traditional non retractable wire brush.
The hoops are expandable or can be retracted back to the handle. The hoop can be played upside or downside. The concept is to guarantee a focal point can be achieved with the greatest amount of ease. When playing on the upside a drummer will notice the wires rest against the nylon hoop thereby increasing their ability to rebound at a faster rate. The drummer will also notice the ease with which a simple back beat can be realized when adjusting the ‘hoop’ to a larger size.
REM are back beat enabled and cymbals tone experienced! The REM are the more subtle of the Dreamcatchers design and weigh the least. The nylons hoops add approximately 4 grams to the overall weight of the brush.

The REM incorporates two smaller adjustable nylon loops in our non-retractable Fantom brush, and has a response similar to the original Dreamcatchers. The loops can optionally be split — one above and one below — for a lighter and more consistent sound. The smaller diameter loops of the REM weigh in at approximately 4 grams, making the REM an easy transition from traditional brush weights.