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Dimension: 50cm high x 30cm width x 32cm long
Origin: Spain
Quantity: 3


Elegant design that makes it stand out for its sobriety and vintage touch. Its facade takes us to other times and immerses us in another era. Its black body, but allowing a glimpse of the naturalness of the wood, gives it a sober and a serious touch. Its back provides a great touch of innovation and originality, which makes it stand out from other cajons, as it has the C.A.T. Rear Acoustic Control.
A sensitive and powerful cajon at the same time, with brilliant treble and very generous bass, with very accentuated nuances and a penetrating sound.
With a completely innovative tuning system exclusive to ABueno, the M.C.A. It is considered by percussionists to be the most functional, practical, comfortable and competent on the market. With parallel arrangement (II II) it provides an acoustic balance in treble, medium and bass.

Its body is made of 1st grade Finnish Birch plywood.
The facade is also made of Finnish Birch with 5 layers of wood in a reduced 2.5mm
Rounded corners and vertices for greater ergonomics and comfort for the percussionist.
INCLUDES the CAT® (Rear Acoustic and Frequency Control)
It is a mechanism with which we control the acoustics of our flamenco cajons and with which we can change the frequencies and volume, to our liking. With a simple gesture, we can change the height and size of the rear exit hole, in order to adjust it to the needs we have at all times and for each musical style.


Total height from the ground 50cm
50cm high, 30cm wide and 32cm deep.

Body made of 1st grade Finnish Birch
2.5mm facade in 1st grade Finnish Birch with 5 layers of plywood and phenolic glue. Textured facade, which gives us the option of creating different sound nuances just by rubbing it, and at the same time, due to its micro-texture, it helps our hands to sweat while we play.
White rubber feet to prevent slipping and improve sound impact.

Body in translucent black on birch wood.
Printed design on the facade on Birch.

A vintage design of black and light gray tones.
Extremely rounded corners and vertices.​
Parallel and independent system (II II ) with powerful treble-midrange and a round and thick bass, which you can shape to your liking, as you never would have imagined.
Rear exit includes our INNOVATIVE C.A.T.® SYSTEM.
WEIGHT: 4.45 Kg.